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We suffer from "MEPHOBIA" - a fear of becoming so awesome that the human race can't handle it !!! Not to blow our own trumpet, but, our excellence driven company is backed by the unmatched expertise of highly professional immigrant consultants. And that gives us an edge being the new "biz-on-the-block"! For a person - though qualified to immigrate, to comprehend the complexities of immigration, is excruciating. It requires precise documentation and thorough processing, which requires assistance from immigration specialists like Career Overseas Ltd. Get in touch now!

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Visa Immigration Services – Travel, Study, Work, Dependant Visas


Visa Immigration Services Study

We believe and recommend that students should study abroad because it is important to experience and immerse themselves in another country's soul to grow.


Visa Immigration Services Travel

We are not just guides but companions who help you visit friends and family or explore the unexplored. The grass is not always green on the other side, it's green where you water it!


Visa Immigration Services Work

Who does not wish to fly high? It's all about taking the first flight. We at CareerOverseas provide a runway to people who have the desire and a will to settle overseas for work.


Visa Immigration Services Migrate

No one tells the geese when to fly. No one tells them the season to migrate. They just need a voice from within. We act as a voice for people who want to migrate overseas for a better life

Our customers says

I have got my Canadian PR less than ten months with the process starting through them. Extremely professional and very well documented in their own strategy. They explain things to you in a lay-men language and perform things look simple & easy. I would advise Career Overseas to all.

I am satisfied with the service provided by the Career Overseas from the first day to till the end of receiving my Australian Skilled visa they supported me and directed me in every step. When coming to my Australia PR process, they are genuine experts, and they follow a realistic approach.

I have searched for Newzealand PR visa in several consultancies, but I failed to get a genuine consultant who can assist me to receive my visa. I have wasted money on several consultants for this thing. After visiting Career Overseas i found that people are really good in this office who can work only to achieve peoples abroad dreams.

I applied for the Australia PR subclass 189 Visa, and I was stucked into some of the processes in the documentation but hats off to the Career Overseas consultants, they assisted me in every step from defining the process to the implementation of it. I really admire the way Case officer supported me in getting my visa.

 I am happy to write this review for Career Overseas, they are perfect, and I would like to applaud them for their good knowledge. I applied for Germany job seeker visa. They assisted me in throughout the process with resolving all of my queries and wrong opinion about immigration consultancies. Finally, I got my Visa.

Please Note: Career Overseas Pvt. Ltd. is firmly not a placement agency or recruitment agency and we do not provide any guarantee of employment in any manner at domestic and international level.

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