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We believe in keeping our competitors focused on us, while we stay focused on our customers.

The business of overseas careers has been the kind that had us involved since the 1990's. It's like we pretty much invented the H1 visas for India, and have been in the business of consulting and H1 B visas. In the year 2000, it made a lot of sense for us to extend our horizons to other Visas and Immigration Services, and expand our expertise towards 'greener' pastures like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and even South Africa!

careeroverseas vision

The founders, Vijay Rama Raju and Padma Kannumuri, both from Dallas, Texas…started this company with a Vision - To become the most sought after, eminent Immigration and Visa Company, by assisting individuals & businesses. We want to usher the brightest and the best global talent, aid professionals and their families accomplish their great global ambition of moving and working abroad.


careeroverseas mission

And a Mission – to help each and every individual who has ever wished of being to the US; where every one's dreams come true! A nation's strength rests in its diversity, we believe in that. With the indispensable efforts of our squad, we intend to:

  • Develop ethical and legal policies, and impart exceptional service to each client, with excellence as a guarantee.
  • Understand the dreams of our clients, empathize with them throughout the complexities of immigration processes, as well as celebrate their successes and joys.
  • Prepare our clients along with the immigrant community, with our regularly expanding, cutting-edge proficiency in immigration laws and regulations.
  • Foster a work environment that is team oriented and positive, where there's mutual respect among staff, and excitement for our work that leaves an imprint on our clients.

Our experience, our people, our technology, our knowledge, also our compassion… all identify the key fact: our clients are our prime priority.

careeroverseas historyHistory - What began as a small consulting company in 1998, has now become a pioneer in the field of Global Resettlement Services. Career Overseas - the firm, boasts of 800+ Consultants and professionals at its offices in Dallas (USA), London (UK), Chennai, Gurgaon (now called Gurugram) and Hyderabad (India)

Operating as Career Overseas, the company has been the founders' brain-child since its inception, cherished and nurtured. Every client is regarded as a new milestone, deserving of all the recognition it gets. After all, who else would understand that a visa aspiration is not just an aspiration? Each file personifies the dreams and lives of a family like their own – a family that wishes to share and participate in the global dream – amplifying the aspirations & ambitions of immigrants who helped build many great nations.

Career overseas has grown exponentially, aided by carefully hand-picked professionals, who're passionate about being the best and offering nothing less to anybody who seek its services. To our founders, every individual whom they have interacted with; has given them new perspectives and the motivation to continue improving upon existing accomplishments – be it the amazing dedication to work and outcomes, or the inherent Indian ability to triumph even in difficult odds. Today, Vijay himself makes a superb example for those who wish to fulfill the great American dream. While cherishing his Indian roots, which prepared him to make the most of each and every opportunity, he also feels deeply devoted to his adopted country USA, which respects perseverance over inheritance and limits an individual only by his dreams.

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Please Note: Career Overseas Pvt. Ltd. is firmly not a placement agency or recruitment agency and we do not provide any guarantee of employment in any manner at domestic and international level.

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