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Canada is known as the ideal nation to get Canada PR Visa, because of its immigration policies are soft, rate of high employment and perfect settings to grow the family.

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Canada is known as the ideal nation to get Canada PR Visa, because of its immigration policies are soft, rate of high employment, and perfect settings to grow the family.

There are multiple immigration programs in Canada, which contribute Permanent Residency Visa to the extremely skilled and talented abroad workers and professionals, i.e., Express Entry System, Quebec Skilled worker Program (Q.S.W.P), Provincial Nominee Programs (P.N.Ps), etc.

However, many of these programs support an immigration system which is point-based  and hence your selection for P.R visa depends on the entire points you score depends on your age, language skills, education, work experience, and many other factors.

Benefits of Canada PR Visa

Canada PR Visa permits you

  • To Reside, study or work anywhere in Canada
  • To appeal for Citizenship of Canada
  • To receive the Healthcare and many other social privileges, which a Canadian Citizen gets
  • To receive protection under the Canada law and the Canadian Charter of Freedoms and Rights.

Essential Documents Required to Apply for Canada PR

  • Enough fund’s proof to establish the application
  • E.C.A (Educational Credential Evaluation)
  • Originals, copies, and documents of official translations encouraging the application. Apart from this, degrees of education, diplomas, and certificates, personal identification papers and/or letters of sponsor and appropriate information
  • Skills evaluation test
  • Test Results of English Language (IELTS, etc.)
  • Extra Fees

Pathways Canada PR Visa

  1. Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)
  2. Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)
  3. Canadian Experience Class
  4. Self-employed Persons Program
  5. Provincial Nominee Program (P.N.P)
  6. Quebec Skilled Workers Program (Q.S.W.P)
  7. Start-up visa
  8. Sponsorship programs

Express Entry

The latest System Express Entry was launched in the January month 2015, to accomplish as to how the skilled immigrants shall appeal to Canada Immigration. As per this system, a candidate first fills the online profile form, along with the test scores of language, Educational Credential Evaluation, and the work experience, and other factors. Choosing and presenting the Express Entry Profile is entirely free of cost. The entire applications accepted below the Express Entry system shall be treated within the timespan of 6 months or less.

Express Entry -Skilled Immigration streams

  • Federal skilled workers
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • Canadian Experience Class

Apply for Canada PR as Self-employed Person

A self-employed person is a foreign national who has appropriate experience, can be self-employed in this country, and provide to the economy here. The candidate will be selected based on the criteria, i.e. Age, Education, Work Experience, Abilities of the Language, and Adaptability.

Steps to Get Canadian Citizenship with Canada PR

  • Canada PR Visa holder needs to stay in Canada for a minimum tenure of 3 years in the past five years to be qualified to appeal for the Citizenship of Canada.
  • Canada PR Visa holder needs to file income taxes for a minimum tenure of 3 years while in the last 5 years and if there is any pending income tax must be paid.
  • Canada PR Visa holder Need to Provide evidence that knowledge in one of the official languages in Canada that are either in English or French.

Processing Fees

Processing fees for the Canada Dependent Visa for 2019 are as follows:



Primary Applicant (with Permanent Residence Fee)

CAD 1,040

Spouse or Partner (with Permanent Residence Fee)

CAD 1,040

Spouse or Partner (without  Permanent Residence Fee)

CAD 550

Each Dependent Child

CAD 150

Process Steps

  • Apply for Canada PR Visa
  • Receive Invitation to Apply
  • Lodge Visa Application
  • Medicals & PR fees
  • Issuance of Visa by CIC

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