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All our confirmed employees enjoy a huge bucket of perks! See below to find out more…

Visas perks

" You can't teach employees to smile.
They have to smile before you hire them." – Arte Nathan

Every professional dreams of finding a company or a job where he/she gets to do meaningful work, along with maintaining a strong work life balance, receive a competitive income and get rewarded for efforts made!

Career Overseas provides the best combination of education, occupation and progression… in a location that supports independence and initiative. Our employee centric benefits are a class apart. See below to find out more…

visas overseas-travel

Travel in comfort & style!

Never again will you have to come to work looking like you just braved the 1st world war!!! Book an OLA/UBER ride EVERYDAY of the week, for pick-up AND drop.

*Amount reimbursable up to 600 rupees. Only Uber and Ola receipts accepted.

Five day week no more a dream!

visaastance for 5days

We all know the importance of a good work-life balance. Unwind over the weekend, kick up your feet and relax knowing the weekend is all yours. Our company follows a 5-day work policy! Woohoo!

visaastance in house lunches

Lunch is on the house!

For every weekend that you sacrifice in your life, for us, you can dine in luxury with sponsored lunches from elite eateries. Meals from the best cooks of the best restaurants in the city – at your service!

Kids a concern? Leave them with us!

careeroverseas babysitter

Maid not on time? Babysitter a nightmare? Grandparents not around? Don't worry – our child friendly day care center is always open for your toddlers! We want our employees to be stress free, especially with regard to the safety of their kids. Our childcare staff is well versed with taking good care of your little ones.

careeroverseas medical insurance

Medical insurance cover of 5 Lakhs

Enjoy the security of a free medical insurance cover worth 5 Lakhs, which we offer for every confirmed employee of ours.

*Employee has to work with the company for a minimum of 3 months to be deemed confirmed
*Medical expenses incurred by the employee need to be claimed.

careeroverseas bonus

Yearly 1 month bonus

One month's salary will be rewarded to every confirmed employee, as a bonus for being an esteemed part of our C.O family!

careeroverseas onsite

Onsite trip for confirmed employees

Every confirmed employee who completes one year of tenure with us, is eligible for an onsite business trip to UK or USA. Get your sales hats ON ! Consistent performers are frequently selected for training sessions abroad.

Please Note: Career Overseas Pvt. Ltd. is firmly not a placement agency or recruitment agency and we do not provide any guarantee of employment in any manner at domestic and international level.

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