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Career Overseas has actually passed strenuous history checks that ensure the validity and the general legitimacy of our business.


Other than where otherwise is stated, Career Overseas is the copyright holder of all the material, design, layout, data, trademark, graphics and company logos under the domain. The matter is shielded by United States and International copyright regulations. Career Overseas will do its utmost to safeguard our rights, customers, intellectual property, employees, client and members. We will certainly not wait to take legal action if essential.


Career Overseas will not be responsible for any kind of unusual or consequential loss that result from using, or failure to utilize, the materials on this website or the efficiency of the products, even if Career Overseas has actually been suggested of the opportunity of such loss. Relevant law will not permit the constraint of exclusion of liability or incidental or consequential loss so the above restriction or exclusion will not apply on you.


On the occasion that Career Overseas product and services are erroneously noted at a wrong rate, we reserve the right to refuse or revoke any sort of orders detailed at the wrong price. Career Overseas has the right to decline or revoke any sort of such orders whether or not the order has been verified and your charge card billed. In case your credit card has actually been billed, a complete refund will be released in the amount of the incorrect cost.


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The following are the refund policies of Career Overseas:

  • A 25% refund is possible only on the following ground, and is confined to this ground only:
    • Visa is denied after applying appropriately using the services of the Company. Exceptions to this Clause are:
    • If the applicants fail to attend the visa interview
    • If the applicant does not comply with the requirements of the Embassy or the Consulate.
    • Failure of medicals by the client or his or her family members included in the application.
    • Failure to provide a genuine Police Clearance Certificate, which is not less than 3 months old.
    • Submission of fraudulent documents.
    • Prior violation of any immigration or visa law by the applicant or any of his or her family members included in the application.
    • Late submission of any additional documents requested by the consulate at a later stage.
  • If the refund request falls under any exceptions stated above, then the Company will not be liable for any refund.

  • The refund percentages are for the shelf rates mentioned and not for the amount paid, the refund percentages are applicable only if the complete shelf rates of the products are paid without any balance. Applicants would not be eligible for the refund percentage even if they fall in one of clause if they haven't paid the complete shelf rate mentioned.
  • The Company may provide discount for the processing fee at the time of registration. If the Client has availed the services at a discounted price then the Company reserves the right to decide on the refund request.
  • The Company shall deal with applicant professionally and will not be responsible for personal situations in Client’s life. As such if the client withdraws from the service on his own accord, due to his personal problems, then Company will not be liable for any refund.
  • The Company will not issue any refund, if the Client withdraws due to:
    • Personal reasons.
    • Not submitting the required documents within the stipulated time from the date of his/her registration, which is normally within one month.
    • Not obtaining required IELTS any other Language score as informed by the Company.
    • Not being able to show sufficient funds for settlement or maintenance by the applicant or his or her family members included in the application
    • Prior violation of any immigration or visa law by the applicant or any of his or her family members included in the application.
  • If the Client has signed up for the service under the installment payment option or made a part payment and the immigration law changes anytime after the applicant had acknowledged this agreement, anytime during the processing of his/her application & due to this change of law, the applicant is ineligible to apply for the service that he/she had signed up for. In this case applicant will not be entitled to a refund of any fees previously paid as the first installment or any other part payment to the company.
  • The Company is not responsible for refund of any fees or other amounts/charges that have been paid to any Assessing Bodies, Immigration Authorities, Embassy/Consulate/High Commission in the event of the applicant not getting approval/visa/immigration, or in case of rejection or non acceptance of his/her application at any stage by any authority. The registration/processing fees only include the charges towards the services rendered by the company and does not include any application or assessing fees. The applicant agrees to pay the entire additional fees required, as applicable, during the processing.
    • Career Overseas has a zero resistance policy for charge backs. Any sort of customer that disputes a credit card payment that is located to be legitimate will certainly be totally blacklisted and disallowed from the use of the service. Any kind of overdue charges and prices will certainly be sent out to collections. If our collection efforts fail, unpaid debts will be mentioned to all available Credit Reporting Agencies.
    • If the applicant has paid the money through Credit Card or Net Banking, the applicant undertakes voluntarily that he will not dispute the payment or notify the designated bank for charge back, insisting the bank to withhold or cancel the payment made to Career Overseas by the applicant. The Applicant further undertakes to inform his banker that the payment made to Career Overseas is genuine, and the transaction is an exception for his request to cancel or charge the payment in his favour, including misuse and card loss cases either by him or through any one. The applicant agrees to cooperate with Career Overseas in this aspect, in case Career Overseas wishes to defend/represent the matter in their favour before any bank/ authority.
    • If the applicant has paid the money through an online card service, the client hereby agrees that he/she will not withdraw, or is not entitled to charge the amount, without the knowledge of Career Overseas, in case of payment made by any mode. This includes CC Avenue, except otherwise following the norms of refund as mentioned in the agreement and the procedure prescribed by law prevailing at that time in the State of Andhra Pradesh, under the Jurisdiction of Hyderabad.


Visa Pre Registration - Career Overseas offers a technical evaluation service which will certainly review your profile for a selected country and let you understand how many points have actually been scored by you. All the Reports are sent out within 2 Days of registration if all the details have actually been submitted in the form. The fee for an evaluation report is 100% non refundable.

Migration Services - Career Overseas offers documentation and processing for immigration visas. All processing is undertaken at the back office in India, and you hereby agree to this setup. The fee for complete service is refundable only as per the conditions listed above.

Application Forms - Career Overseas provides a number of kinds of application forms for download as an added service to our clients. Forms are available for a fee on a registration basis.

Copyright Information - No copyright is declared on any kind of application form. The application given on our website is released by numerous overseas government agencies.

Warranty Disclaimer - This website, and the content and products on this site are supplied "as is" and without warranties of any kind of kind, whether express or indicated. To the ultimate level permissible according to applicable legislation, Career Overseas disclaims all service warranties, express or indicated, including, yet not restricted to, signified service warranties of merchantability and, health and fitness for a certain purpose and non-infringement. Career Overseas does not represent or warrant that the functions consisted of in the website will be uninterrupted or error-free, that the flaws will be corrected, or that this website or the web server that makes the website available are devoid of pc virus or other hazardous components. Career Overseas does not make any kind of warranties or representations concerning using the content in this website in regards to their correctness, precision, competence, efficiency, timeliness, integrity or otherwise. Some states do not allow limitations or exclusions on service warranties, so the above restrictions will not apply to you.

Modifications to the Terms and Conditions: Career Overseas preserves the right, at its discernment, to alter our Terms and Conditions any time. By purchasing any type of product detailed on our website, you hereby agree to all terms and conditions listed in this document. You hereby agree not to dispute these terms under any situation.


Applicant recognizes that it is his/her obligation to abide by the above terms and conditions as well as additional concur that Career Overseas (referred to as Company) reserves the right to validate and to end their services whenever if the candidate falls short to abide by the terms and conditions if they find that the information supplied by the candidate is found to be untrue/incomplete. The applicant agrees to read and understand the adhering terms and conditions and also agrees to follow the very same.

  • Career Overseas agrees to render the following services to the above mentioned customers:
    • Career Overseas will certainly help the candidate to know the processing time, funds and procedures of filing the application.
    • Career Overseas will offer a contemporary checklist of the documents that are to be sent while filing the application.
    • Career Overseas will designate an Exclusive Sheet Anchor to take the candidate via the total process till they submit the petition. She/he will routinely call you and describe you the complete procedure.
    • Career Overseas will certainly help the applicant to fill all the application/visa/assessment form properly.
    • Career Overseas or an individual of the company could function as applicant's agent if they decide to oblige the formalities for doing this.
    • Career Overseas will certainly guide the applicant in getting the assessment of showing their expert and profession competencies.
    • Career Overseas will assist the applicant with all the required Professional Proficiency Reports by supplying them sufficient details, which could help them to acquire their documents.
    • Career Overseas will certainly guide the candidate offering them sample formats of past authorizations, which they could utilize to determine the specific criteria of their assessment and/or petition.
    • Career Overseas will constantly update the candidate with the latest changes in the petition or evaluation system and assist you to update.
    • Career Overseas will attempt to provide the applicant alternatives if there are any, at a situation where it becomes impossible for them to obtain or create a particular document/s.
    • Career Overseas will assist the applicant in booking visa slots at the suitable location, time and procedure.
    • Career Overseas will produce contemporary covering letters to candidate's request, which will act as an index and will aid their application/petition to assess quicker.
    • Normal updates on the applicant's status of Application will be provided by the concerned person by phone and an email.
    • If the application/petition has been neglected or mis-read, Career Overseas will file the management evaluation and submit a complaint to the ideal bodies at no additional expense.
    • Career Overseas will certainly help the candidate in the procedures of Medicals and Police Clearance Certificates by guiding you with addresses and other typical procedures.
    • Career Overseas will certainly process applications of spouse and kids of the applicant in the same service fees.
    • Career Overseas will help you in Foreign Exchange and Air Ticketing
    • Career Overseas will assist the applicant in Relocation Services, which include: airport and port of entry rules and procedures, airport pickup assistance, things to carry, temporary and permanent residence solutions, clothing and a kit consisting of specifics that are needed to settle into the new country. A modern CD will additionally be offered has the total orientation of the Country selected by you and about the post problems that people face usually. It aids the candidate to kick start his/her profession and life in the new country. It contains:
    • Society, Culture and Language information about the country's geography, politics, entertainment, racism, history, sports, newspapers, Indians in the country, etc
    • Immigration - Migration related Articles
    • Relocation and residence related information
    • Various sector and regional opportunities information
    • The latest News and Updates about the country
  • Career Overseas has briefed concerning the living conditions, high quality of living and infrastructure, which differs from area to area and person to person. Career Overseas is accountable only in providing support in applying through the expert Counselors, Sheet Anchors and other team members. We are only limited to offer a checklist of records that have to be submitted while applying (which may alter every now and then), help in providing formats, assistance in acquiring documents from the concerned locations (we will only aid you to understand the best ways to get these records, however, nor do we assure or just about to go and obtain these papers for you/on part of you), advice in filling out application/s and last but not least submission guidance. Applicant knows that it is his/her responsibility to abide by the above terms and conditions and also additional concur that Career Overseas reserves the right to verify and to cancel their services any time if the candidate falls short to follow the terms and conditions.
  • Career Overseas is not responsible for a refund of any fees or other amounts/charges that have actually been paid to any sort of Assessing Bodies, Embassy/Consulate/High Commission, Immigration Authorities in case of candidate obtaining or not obtaining approval/visa/immigration or on denial or non approval of his/her application at any phase by any sort of authority. The registration/processing cost only consists of the firm's services but no application or assessing cost is included in it. The candidate accepts to pay the whole additional costs required as applicable during the processing.
  • Career Overseas reserves the right to canvas the applicant's achievements with any media.
  • All the documents submitted to Career Overseas will not be returned as we never need the original papers to be sent out to our office, we would certainly require the scanned/photo copies of the real documents to complete the procedure. Any type of case for returning these will certainly not be possible.
  • The candidate takes the onus of providing all the details which may or may not affect the application that include and are not restricted to previous rejections to any country, past application and authorizations etc with specific dates and outcomes.
  • Career Overseas has actually undertaken to refine the application for Immigration to the country of candidate\'s selection and is not predisposed for denunciation/cancellation or non-acceptance of his/her application or procure visa/immigration or other related documents or confirmations from any authority on merit basis.
  • Career Overseas nor its staff members are liable for any type of documents/information tampered by the candidate is discovered to be unreal, untrue or fabricated at a stage by any kind of authority and the applicant shall be solely accountable for prices and effects emerging thereof. It is a rigorous practice where we advise the applicant not to go with any kind of fake/fraud procedure, but at the same time, the onus lies to the candidate to see whether the documents produced are authentic and verifiable.
  • Applicant additionally proclaims that all the records and information supplied at the time of preliminary review and visa application holds true and recognize that none of the files is produced by Career Overseas. If the candidate is rejected as a result of any kind of document created along with the visa application, the applicant accepts to face the effects without any kind of involvement of the company.
  • Career Overseas will certainly not entertain any sort of deadlines from the client as the entire process has to go with a fool evidence system and any external stress would just tamper the excellence of the file.
  • If the applicant has paid money via online card service, then the customer hereby agrees that they will withdraw or w entitled to take back the amount regardless for payment made by any method consisting of CC Avenue except otherwise adhering to the standards of refund as stated in agreement and procedure prescribed by legislation prevailing during that time in the State of Andhra Pradesh for this under the Jurisdiction of Hyderabad without the knowledge of Career Overseas.
  • Career Overseas is not liable for any sort of travel, lodging arrangements made by the candidate prior or after its confirmation or landing in the country, and the same is been communicated to the applicant by mail or other provided proofs are properly signed by their concerned authority. Candidate should take info on the port of entry requirements and organize the same by themselves.
  • The service charges billed by Career Overseas have no endorsement to the market fees and does not need to be equal to the contemporaries as they are modern just to the company standards which the customer agrees to have obtained satisfied and then registered. Any sort of claims after the registration of being too pricey would not be delighted, and the applicant will certainly have no right to oppose on the like it was described and expressed to all the sources of details and has actually been persuaded for which the applicant has actually agreed upon for registration.
  • The candidate need not submit all the documents at the time of the registration procedure after it is completed through online, there will certainly be more than 3 Sheet Anchors to whom the concerned details will go instantly and Career Overseas assigns these people to make sure that the application is offered with utmost treatment, appropriate documents not submitted or part of it will certainly make these Sheet Anchors entirely generic like finishing a covering letter, application forms, etc and waiting for the candidate's paperwork and Career Overseas would not entertain requests describing " No documents or part documents submitted, so no work done" as this statement makes no intellect after having this Service Agreement on mutual consent.
  • If the applicant is signed up for Immigration to Canada, after that, CIC does not require making use of a representative and neither are we one. The candidate needs to do a self portrayal as in many events it will certainly imperil their application in the future if we are used as a Paid Representative for depiction which we are not licensed under CIC regulations. We will certainly be helping the applicant in the full procedure except depiction, and if they insist one, after that they will have to sign the IMM 5475 and form 76 on the name for one individual who would certainly be representing their documents. The candidate after signing this declaration form accepts to have not paid any cash for the specific purpose of "Representation" to the CIC.
  • It is the applicant's responsibility to score a required band in the test. If the candidate fails, then he/she can request for more time and re-write, yet this inability to comply with a criterion on which the company has got absolutely no command should not be a factor on refund as the company has actually worked with everything else.
  • The concerned Embassy/High Commission/Consulate keeps altering the procedures of accepting applications and Career Overseas have no command on the same. These should include:
    • Asking the candidate to come for a personal meeting.
    • Asking the candidate to get some extra documents or get them proven.
    • Raising charges in these cases the candidate agrees to take the responsibility of satisfying the very same.
  • Applicant approves that the migration process includes showing of sufficient funds, which varies from 1 to 15 lakh (if dependents are taking a trip then it will certainly boost) which is agreed to and registered, and these could be needed for a particular period which might vary from 1 to 12 months, any kind of failure of showing the same while applying will certainly result in the application being denied or not approved. In this case, no refund will be done from Career Overseas.
  • The client additionally approves that all/any registrations for the same or other countrys before this service arrangement date if any with Career Overseas will certainly be nullified and no claim for the service or the charge can be claimed until it is given in writing by Career Overseas.
  • Career Overseas does not take the liability of a candidate's assumption of submitting a case in a certain period of time framework, and such assumptions are at his/her discretion. The process is not generic yet is tailored, and at some time a variety of more documentation could be required to conclude the process and cannot be opposed on the grounds of not being educated earlier.
  • It is known that submission of the application for immigration is never common, regular and/or time bound. The concerned situation officer shall call for added documents as per the altering demands of the process and shall request for an additional entry of such added documents to the concerned Immigration authorities.
  • The Service Charges of Career Overseas have no reference to the market charges and do not have to be equal to the contemporaries as they are contemporary only to Career Overseas standards to which the client agreed. Any claims after the registration of being too expensive, would not be entertained, and the applicant would have no right to contest the same as it was explained and expressed through all the sources of information and the client has been convinced before registering.
  • The applicant accepts that the immigration process includes showing enough funds if applicable, which differ from country to country, and the process/category the applicant applies. The applicant undertakes to meet such requirement as desired by the concerned immigration/other authorities, and failure to provide such funds by the applicant shall not make Career Overseas liable for any refund of the service charges or part thereof. The funds to be shown may range from INR 1 to 10 lakhs (the amount will increase in case if you are accompanied by dependents), which is agreed to by the client, and these might be required for a particular time period which might range from 1-12 months tentatively and may vary. The failure of showing the same while applying for a visa may lead to the application being denied or not accepted. In such cases, no refund request of service charges will be entertained.
  • The client also accepts that all/any registrations for the same or other countrys before this client declaration agreement date if any, with Career Overseas would be nullified and no claim of the service or the fee can be claimed until it is given in writing by Career Overseas.
  • The application or processing fee paid to visa authorities or any other institution is the liability of the client and is not included in the service charges of Career Overseas. Career Overseas will not entertain any claim of refund in case of rejection.
  • The client has to provide, within 30 days, every paper, forms and facts that will certainly make it possible for the immigration consultancy concerned to provide his/her petition for capabilities assessment with the relevant appraisal organization. The client's incapability to do the very same will only suggests that no repayment of the advisory/consulting cost offered to Career Overseas is outstanding.
  • Client will inform Career Overseas of each interaction received by him/her from the processing visa office in writing or via a phone, within a week of receiving such a message. Besides, the client shall inform the immigration consultancy for every single interaction both through written and by means of phone, undertaken by the customer, directly with the engaged visa bureau inside a week or 7 days in such case. This comprises individual visits made to the visa office, and/or inquiry made through phone. The client's lack of ability to do the same will just suggest that no money back whatsoever is pending in terms of any secretarial costs offered to the immigration consultancy.
  • The client will take part in every single interview, as and when needed by the concerned processing visa agency, at the place stated by the visa agency, and at his own expense, and swiftly follow every order said by the visa agency. The customer's incapability to do the same will recommend that no refund whatsoever is pending in terms of any secretarial costs offered to Career Overseas.
  • If the application/petition is returned/rejected/delayed owing to an error in the application fee or mode of payment, the applicant agrees not to contest on withdrawal of his application on this ground as the payment and the mode of the payment of application fees is the sole liability of the applicant.
  • It is understood that submission of application for immigration is never generic, routine and/or time bound. The concerned case officer may call for additional documents, as per the changing requirements of the process and may request for further submission of such additional documents to the concerned immigration authorities. Any request for a refund on these grounds will not be entertained.
  • In case the immigration rules changes anytime after you have actually authorized this contract, anytime throughout the processing of your application and because of the changes in the rules, you have actually become ineligible to apply for the services you have actually subscribed for, and you have paid the whole amount. Career Overseas will reimburse a specific percent of the service charges paid by the customer as defined in the arrangement. The refund will certainly be made within 90 functioning days after the client submits Career Overseas, the Refund Claim Form. Client will enclose the refund request form, a duplicate of his/her receipt for repayment made to Career Overseas. Failing to enclose the receipt, will also make the customer ineligible for the refund.
  • In case you have enrolled to obtain Career Overseas services under the instalment payment alternative or made a part payment and the migration rule modifies anytime after you have authorized this agreement, anytime throughout the handling of your application and because of this modification of rule, you are ineligible to make an application for the service you have enrolled. In this case, the customer will certainly not be qualified to a refund of any type of sort of charges previously paid as the very first instalment or any other part payment to Career Overseas.
  • Client additionally comprehends and approves that no refund or transfer of Career Overseas fees to a dear friend or a family member will be done in the event, if he/she abandons his/her application or determines to withdraw due to any personal reasons, throughout the process after he/she signs-up.
  • Client also understands and accepts that no refund or adjustment of Career Overseas fee will be done in the event he or she abandons the original service/process he or she has signed-up for and decides to switch over to another service/process with Career Overseas or opts for immigration to a different country.
  • The client will offer every needed information and papers, such as the English translations in an agreed form, and as sought by Career Overseas and the involved Visa Office. It has been fully agreed upon by the said immigration consultancy on the ground of the facts and papers presented by the client. In case the furnished details is discovered to be inaccurate or fake or deficient or incorrect, and so not entertained by the concerned Immigration bodies, the immigration consultancy takes no responsibility whatsoever for the not too positive impact of the same on the result of the petition and the ensuing rejection on this basis, even as no refund shall be claimed either of the consulting charge or the amount paid to the government organizations under such situations.
  • Client here with agrees to meet all the requirements of the concerned authorities who conduct skills assessment or decide on visa outcome. Client also agrees to submit all the documents, including originals, if required by the concerned assessing authorities. Client understands that any failure on his/her part to submit these documents or part thereof is an independent failure of client, and Career Overseas is in no way responsible for the same. Hence, the client agrees that failure to produce documents cannot be a valid reason to claim a refund
  • The client will settle all costs, which could be owed to a range of government and skills appraisal bodies and language screening business organizations, such as yet not restricted to the skills appraisal expenses, residency visa petition prices, the IELTS/French test, wellness tests, and so on. The provided charges are stringently non-refundable and not modifiable by either any one of the receiving office or the immigration consultancy, regardless of the final verdict on the visa application. A proper appraisal or verdict is the sole prerogative of the engaged organization even as the immigration consultancy exercises no control whatsoever over the final outcomes at any phase of the visa petition. Career Overseas has actually provided no assurance whatever of a favourable evaluation or outcome of the projected application of the customer for any kind of phase
  • The client will certainly educate Career Overseas concerning every news entailing a change of housing/mailing address, educational/specialized qualifications, modification of the matrimonial position/service or firm, newly born kids or any sort of police/unlawful case, after the submission of the petition, and while the processing is taking place till the moment of the release of Permanent Resident Permit. The customer's lack of ability to do the darned same will only show that no refund at all is pending of any sort of advisory charges offered to the immigration consultancy.
  • The client will appear for an IELTS/French Test and achieve a minimum individual total of the group in every given four appraisal factors--read, write, speak & listen--as appropriate for him/her and as per the requirement of the Visa Issuing Authority/Assessment Body. The client thoroughly realizes and concurs that his petition cannot be submitted--minus the necessary IELTS/French total--and no reimbursement of the advisory/consulting/secretarial services charges offered to Career Overseas will be outstanding or settled, in a situation wherein he fails to attain the required IELTS/French total.
  • The customer will also make certain that in case he/she is married or in any sort of relationship, which serves to be taken into consideration as dependent - the partner or the acceptable dependent/s stands for an IELTS/French test and offers a report with minimal score as is appropriate on the basis of the decided Client Declaration Agreement with Career Overseas. The customer thoroughly knows and agrees that his petition could not be presented, minus the required IELTS/French points of the marital partner even while no payment of the advisory/consulting costs given to Career Overseas will certainly be claimed or made in a scenario wherein he/she fails to obtain the Client Declaration Agreement prescribed by the IELTS/French total amount of the marital partner. The examination along with the attached report is necessary towards the documentation for the wedded clients, though the client may not request for points for the qualification of his companion.
  • By signing/acknowledging the agreement to avail our services, Client cannot withdraw at any point during the process because of own personal circumstances which may have changed. It is unacceptable to consider or entertain any form of settlement. As a business with heavy investments, we cannot accommodate requests for refunds once services have been provided or when any part of the process has commenced.
  • The secretarial charges offered to Career Overseas does not comprise any sort of amount been obligated to repay to any sort of company of the government, and to any sort of language testing group or for other reason, and should be limited to the services and responsibilities of the working as a consultant as properly established and determined under the Client Declaration Agreement engaged separately with the customer.
  • The client will confirm to Career Overseas, in case he/she is eager to make use of the alternative services of a universal accredited assignee (Embassy/Consulate/Language examination carrying out centres/health check carrying out centres, etc), and also make an extra payment for such services to Career Overseas as appropriately arranged and determined under the Client Declaration Agreement engaged separately with the customer. Any kind of online payment will not include charges been obligated to repay to such worldwide authorized assignees (Embassy/Consulate/Language examination carrying out centres/Health check performing centres, etc) and in every scenario will certainly not be repaid.
  • The customer clearly approves that he/she has actually been apprised of the usual waiting durations/average processing time, as appropriate to his permit course, and further that such waiting around durations/usual processing time solely relies on the convenience of processing visa office/appraisal body. The client also totally concurs and realizes that he/she will certainly never have any claims what so ever on any type of refund of the fees made on or off-site, on the ground of the extensive petition processing period.
  • In a situation where in a clash/dispute, in the issue of the payment made by the customer to Career Overseas in the Client Declaration Agreement appropriately engaged with Career Overseas, the responsibility of Career Overseas - in case it occurs and is outstanding, either financial or otherwise - shall not surpass, and will certainly be limited to the costs offered to Career Overseas as advisor/consulting/secretarial charges as part of the properly inked in the Client Declaration Agreement.
  • There are certain countries, which have a cap system, and hence the approval of Visa/Green Card/Permanent Residence is subject to the cap not being reached for that year. The client may have the required points as required by the immigration authorities of the specified country, but he/she still may not get the Visa/Green Card/ Permanent Residence if the cap has been reached for that year. Failing to get a Visa/Green Card/ Permanent Residence because of the cap limit cannot be a reason for claiming refund, and client fully understands the same.
  • If your request for refund falls under the acceptable terms and conditions of Career Overseas, and the service agreement, the time taken to process such a request would be 90 working days. Refund payments made will be issued as a company cheque. The refund cheque will be made payable to the person on the order form, and mailed to the address indicated on the order form.
  • The service amount written is for the full service as on the date of registering, and only includes the individual application. Any assumption of extended services to family or children is at the client's discretion, but Career Overseas will not be held responsible for these kinds of assumptions.
  • The client shall reliably reveal before Career Overseas, each and every detail involving each and every case, existing or past, cases of wrong-doings and/or conviction, and insolvency levelled against the clients and those who are dependent on him. If he does not reveal such details and if the same is found afterwards, no refunds at all of the money given to the immigration consultancy in question will be made.
  • Career Overseas is bound by the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (Privacy Act). Accordingly, Career Overseas takes reasonable actions to safeguard personal details (as defined under the Privacy Act) gathered by Career Overseas from misuse and loss, and from unauthorized accessibility, modification or acknowledgment. Career Overseas may utilize and reveal the Customer's (and if relevant, the Client's household's) individual details for the primary purpose for which it is accumulated, for reasonably anticipated secondary purpose which is associated with the main purpose and in other conditions authorized by the Privacy Act. In general, Career Overseas will certainly disclose the Client's personal information for the following reasons:
    • To conduct our business
    • To provide and market our services
    • To communicate with the Client
    • To comply with our legal obligations
    • To help us manage and improve our services.

The fees paid to Career Overseas for the provision of the Services listed on our Website. Unless otherwise stated, all fees are quoted in Indian Rupees. You are responsible for paying all fees and applicable taxes associated with our Services using one of our accepted payment methods.

Career Overseas is not a part of any government authority/organization or embassy. We are a proprietary company, and we do not have the authority to grant you a visa of any kind. We can only assist and advice people who want to migrate or travel to their selected country. Please note that the final decision on all visa applications rests with the relevant government department in the respective country.

Our agreements with clients are drawn on the bedrock of trust, sincerity, and security, and each option is spelled out clearly. Our terms are transparent, and there is nothing hidden.

Client agrees and acknowledges that Career Overseas doesn't suggest or force any service/product/visa, and the pronouncement of a particular service/product/visa. It is the client's individual decision and cannot be at any time assumed to be a company judgment. Company markets all the products and educates all the opportunities from which, the client without any external pressure agrees to have decided on this service/product/visa etc.

The applicant has noticed all the above provisions in detail, agrees, and continues to adhere to all terms and conditions on signing/acknowledging/agreeing this agreement.

The applicant hereby agrees to settle all or any disputes with Career Overseas before the courts of Hyderabad, and further agrees for their exclusive Jurisdiction.

Please Note: Career Overseas Pvt. Ltd. is firmly not a placement agency or recruitment agency and we do not provide any guarantee of employment in any manner at domestic and international level.

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We are tied up with Licensed Immigration Advisors

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